What Happens if you use a butt-plug without a lubricant?

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An anal plug or butt plug is a special type of adult sex toy, designed to be placed in the anus, for the purpose of causing intense sexual pleasure. This erotic toy is also widely used to dilate the muscles of the rectum, to make anal intercourse less painful. The anal plug can be used for stimulation of the anus, indistinctly by men and women. You cannot use it without lubricant but what is the best lubricant for a butt plug.

How to use it

With the anal plug, the penetration of the “B-side” becomes pleasant even for the female universe, little accustomed to this sexual approach because a little painful. The anal plug, in fact, used daily, even in contexts outside the intimate ones, can give very strong emotions! You can wear it to go out, and you can have fun experimenting with the various positions of the body and the walks, slower or faster, to cause pleasant sensations. The use of the anal plug, can cause a slight initial discomfort, due to the fact of having behind a foreign body, the anus generally tends to expel rather than contain, but the discomfort disappears as soon as that pure erotic pleasure takes over, irresistible! To enjoy the exciting sensations of the anal plug, it is important to relax, start little by little, with slow and constant penetrations, using a good lubricant and proceeding with gentle movements. Some people initially, can tolerate an anal plug only for a few minutes but, after the initial phase, wear it even when going shopping, can turn into a unique pleasure, particularly stimulating!

How to choose the right one

The anal plug is marketed in various sizes, both in terms of length and circumference, has a phallic or pyramidal shape with a rounded tip to allow easy application. Other particularly exciting designs have spheres that recall the shapes of Chinese balls. Who for the first time intends to experiment with a sex toy of this type, must start with an anal plug of smaller size, and then gradually move on to a larger one. In order for the experience to be pleasurable, the butt plug must be smooth and not too rigid, as it may scratch or damage the lining of the anal canal. The materials used, to create a quality anal plug, are hypoallergenic and safe, they are soft like: rubber or medical silicone, with a consistency that allows easy insertion, but on the market there are also metal, wood, glass, marble and stone. It is important to choose an anal plug with the widest base; this choice will prevent it from escaping, or worse, from penetrating completely into the anus. B-vibe has an article that will guide you on how to choose the right lube for your butt plug.

What to know

Discovered the irresistible pleasure that the anal plug can cause, it is good practice to follow simple rules of cleanliness and hygiene. First of all, even if it is comfortable, it is not recommended to use it for more than three hours, during the same day. This rule applies to all butt plugs, even to those claimed as anal plugs for all ages. To avoid transmission of diseases or infections, use a condom if the anal plug is used by more than one person. Finally, after use, you must sanitize it with an antibacterial soap and warm water; then it is recommended to let it dry in the air and keep it in a clean and dry place.

Why try it

The anal plug will allow you to know a new, profound and irresistible pleasure; it will guide the body and the mind, looking for unexplored emotions. Designed for an exciting erotic game, the anal plug will gently stretch the anus and stimulate all nerve endings, both internal and foreign. Some butt plugs also feature a vibrator, which can be operated with an external remote control, to experience amplified pleasure! In conclusion, the anal plug is an exciting experience to achieve a really intense pleasure, alone or in company. It is an accepted notion that butt plugs for masturbation are a way to diversify the same and also to emphasize the indispensable preliminaries of sex. If you feel really excited about this, you can Go Here to buy some quality butt plugs for your new sexual journey.

These lubricants are the precious allies of every anal penetration, but when it comes to anal sex they become a real must! It is in fact necessary to compensate for the absence of spontaneous anal lubrication through products that facilitate the entry – and the pleasant stay of the chosen foreign body, while keeping away excess friction and rubbing and what is unfortunate, such as irritation, pain and small injuries. The anus is a very delicate place, and a good lubrication is the first fundamental step to abandon mental and mechanical resistance and concentrate only on pleasure. And remember that the backside deserves respect: we leave the butter to Marlon Brando and choose anal lubricants designed specifically to make anal penetration pleasant, safe and carefree.

How to Choose the Anal Lubricant

The best anal lubricants have specific formulations, to meet the specific requirements of the demanding side B: long life and high viscosity. Reassured by the presence of these two constants, also present in all lubricants that can be purchased in pharmacies; we can start looking for our favorite lubricant. Water-based lubricants, which are very common, are the most delicate and compatible with mucous membranes. The silicone lubricants are very faithful and ensure their effect even in the case of relationships sexual, of course! Very durable, but are to be avoided at all if penetrating into the back entrance is a silicone sex toy. Even in the field of lubrication, opposites attract each other! Go ahead, therefore, to the best water-based lubricants in the case of sex toys and anal plugs in silicone and, in the same way, silicone lubricants also in the lubricating gel variant in case of relationships in the shower or in the tub bath. Compatibility always guaranteed, however, with latex condoms and, above all, dermatologically tested with the delicate skin of the pop.

Types of Anal Lubricants

But it does not end here: beyond water and silicon, every lubricant has its own peculiarities, as can be read in the various forums dedicated to the subject. If you need a little help to achieve the right degree of relaxation of anal muscles, the choice can only fall on Manhood Anal Relax which despite the very macho name is also perfect for women or on Organic Anal Relax Spray Intimate Organics. Moreover, the latter is completely devoid of synthetic compounds and rich in biological extracts cloves, berries, aloe vera, citronella), just like its partner Soothe Anal Lube, which has as its base an extraordinary natural antibacterial, the bark of Java; ideal products for relaxing, fun and eco-friendly anal sex! And if in doubt, we can always rely on a great classic like Pjur’s Analyze Me, which adds to the advantages of its watery base the extended service life typical of silicone based lubricants.

First time anal sex: use anal lubricant or no

Among all these products for lovers of anal sex there is only the embarrassment of choice and experimentation! For beginners, some super professional suggestions can be very useful: equipped with the right anal lubrication here is how to approach the first time, alone or in company! However, if you are using anal plugs with call girls, you don’t have to worry much because they are already experts to that.