Why Dispatch Japan is Created?

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Travelling to Japan and fancy a juicy experience in the capital city? This site will encourage you to leave the kids at home and go explore a less talked about side of Japan. From an unconventional sex toy industry, through anime desires, to know what to do and not do in Asia’s largest red district, Tokyo is one of the most decadent cities in the world.

Some countries are considered as nation of extremes. On the one hand, some are considered a polite and courteous population, there are also known as binge drinkers and troublemakers. Every country has its contrasts, but some stand out more than others in this respect, and Japan is a perfect example. It is both overwhelmingly modern and traditional at the same time; this does not just apply to the amalgamation of skyscrapers and ancient Shinto shrines in cities like Kyoto, but also on a more sociological level. The matter of sexuality in Japan is the first thing that comes to mind.

Walking around the streets of Japan, it appears to be an openly sexual nation with an evident erotic culture. Pornography is visually available throughout Japan – the shopping alleys of Osaka are lined with explicit sex shops open in the daytime neighboring popular karaoke places and restaurants. While a sexually liberated society is certainly something to be celebrated, there are more problematic issues at hand here. Many aspects of Japan’s famous erotic world encourage moe, or in other words, a fetish for the hyper-feminine, innocent and even childlike character who is so often seen in manga, and particularly in its pornographic form, so-called hentai. You don’t have to look far to see this: the countless convenience stores in Japan have erotic magazines openly on display depicting manga girls in school uniforms. Furthermore, it cannot be forgotten that possession of child pornography was only banned in Japan in 2014, and that pornographic manga depicting minors that are catered towards the pedophilic lolicon and shotacon fetishes is still legal today. While I am in no way suggesting that every part of Japan’s sexual society is disturbing to this extent, it cannot be denied that Japan’s sexual openness is certainly a controversial topic.

In the eyes of an ordinary foreigner, this might seem very weird and surprising, albeit intimidating. That is why this site is created, in order to help unaware foreigners when they visit Japan. Keep visiting and you’ll be an expert yourself. Explore that side of Japan now!