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Why travel to Japan?

Japan is like no other country on earth. It is a place where it is not just the sights that impress and intrigue, but where the whole travelling experience is a joy, from speeding through the countryside on a bullet train, to sampling Japanese cuisine, to meeting friendly women with a genuine interest in sex. One could spend a lifetime exploring Japan.

The cities of Tokyo and Kyoto may grab the headlines, but the country offers so much more, from some of the world’s best exotic clubs in the north, to erotic massage parlors in the south.

Is it safe to have erotic massage in Japan?

Japan is generally regarded as one the safest countries in the world, and has some of the lowest crime rates among developed countries. Changing conditions or events beyond our control are extremely rare and we have sent customers on trouble-free trips for many years.

When travelling to any country, you should maintain the same vigilance that you would do at home and take sensible precautions. Some areas are known to have occasional instances of muggings such as Roppongi and Kabuki-cho in Tokyo and America Mura in Osaka and extra care should be taken in these locations especially when visiting exotic clubs.

If you need any further advice, our experienced travel consultants are on-hand and happy to help. With teams in the UK, US, Australia and Japan, there’s always someone there to take your call.

I would like to visit a vibrator bar in Japan. Is this possible?

If an event or performance is taking place in Japan, we can usually obtain tickets. However the frequency of these events varies. Vibrator bars are fairly easy to get to, with regular performances in Tokyo. Other performing arts can be harder to come by, though we will certainly do our best to find something that fits in with your itinerary.

I am gay and travelling with my partner. Will we experience any discrimination in Japan?

In a word: no. While Japan still lags behind the UK and US in gay and transgender issues, there are no legal restraints to same-sex sexual activities of either gender.

We’re proud to have arranged many trips for gay couples and have had no problem booking double bedrooms regardless of the travellers’ gender. Public displays of affection are rare between same-sex couples in Japan, but the same can be said for heterosexual couples. You may raise a few eyebrows if you hold hands in the countryside, but that’s probably about all.