Pros and Cons of Piercing Your Sex Organ

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The penis piercing undoubtedly falls into the most painful piercing category ever, yet more and more are those who, out of curiosity or for other reasons, choose to make a piercing penis. Bustle has an outstanding article on how women’s orgasms improved with Prince Albert piercing. Surely the decision to make a piercing in such an intimate and delicate part is also linked to other benefits of Prince Albert Piercing, which go well beyond the purely aesthetic: the penis is a genital organ that is often kept hidden and the mere aesthetic appearance would not justify such suffering. Penis piercing is actually able to improve sensitivity and make living more satisfying and interesting sexual experiences, not only for the one who owns it but also for the partner, who can benefit from the stimulation of the jewel. What is important to know before making a hole in the private parts!

Penis piercing: how many types are there?

There are 3 main types of penis piercings, and each of them has a peculiar feature: it is therefore advisable to get well before proceeding, in order to opt for the most appropriate solution for your purpose!

Frenulum Piercing

The Frenulum piercing is named for the position in which it is placed: it is the most popular type and is practiced with the aim of improving stimulation during sexual intercourse. This penis piercing is done on the frenulum and is the easiest to perform; even the healing period, compared to the other types of penis piercing, is rapid because it does not exceed 4 months. As for the jewel, a ring is applied that can surround the entire tip of the penis or not, depending on your preferences.

Prince Albert

The Prince Albert penis piercing is also among the easiest to perform: the hole is made on the joint between the glands and the tip of the penis, coming out of the urethra. This is considered the most stimulating piercing in absolute terms from the point of view of sexual intercourse and it is not even excessively painful compared to the other types. The healing period of this penis piercing is like that of the frenulum, i.e. 4 months. Usually, a ring with two balls at the ends is applied as a jewel. If you’re keen on trying this, you can buy quality piercings at

Apadravya Piercing

This type of piercing is much more complex than the previous ones and also has longer healing times: the apadravya is made by a vertical hole on the tip of the glands, which can cross the urethra or position itself around it. This piercing penis is difficult and long to do,require a particularly skilled and experienced professional and takes on average 6 months for a complete recovery. The apadravya, however, is quite popular because it was also mentioned in the Kamasutra because of its erotic properties, able to bring pleasure to both men and women.

Are you sure you have a healthy lifestyle appropriate to the perfect health of your sexual organ and it’s your functioning? If you aspire to a satisfying sexual life for yourself and for the satisfaction of others, please read these few simple instructions, which come directly from science and scientists who, thank God, have time to wonder about some important things in life.

Sedentary Life: Numerous research has shown a positive relationship between regular physical activity and better sexual performance. As evidence of this and as in a game of mirrors those who have a sedentary lifestyle statistically also complain of a greater propensity to erectile dysfunction.However, if you want to abandon the sedentariness, do it quickly: another study has shown that, to be effective, the change in lifestyle must take place before the age of 40.

Smoking: Almost all packs of cigarettes say so, but if you have any doubts, there is a study published in the British Journal of Urology that has shown that smokers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction again. In tests conducted on a good number of volunteers, nicotine reduction showed a clear recovery of virility. As above, as proof of this, healthy non-smokers have not shown any particular problems. However, it seems that there is a new risk in the sense of just discovered for smokers: according to an American research still to be demonstrated smoking would cause the shortening of the male organ by 1 cm. everyone takes his measurements.

The Perfect Number: This position in the list is not random, as we will see. Therefore, the rhythm with which we consume or would like to consume sexual relations is very subjective and, as everyone knows, varies significantly in the couple. However, an interested study a few years ago, published in the American Journal of Medicine , has established that practicing sex less than once a week doubles the incidence of erectile dysfunction in men. The dose recommended by the researchers is “three times a week” (to prove this, try to believe).

Insomnia: If those who sleep do not catch fish, those who do not sleep work badly: the level of testosterone a hormone that plays a rather important role in adult sexuality is greatly reduced in the absence of rest. Science has long shown that lack of sleep is detrimental to sexual activity, as well as compromising muscle tone and causing fatigue and, in the long run, a very bad mood. As proof of this, everyone tries by himself not to sleep for a day or two and see the effect it does.

Oral Hygiene: This is not the promo of the month of oral hygiene: strange as it may seem, there is a connection. The study of a prestigious Chinese institution on a large amount of statistical data revealed a correlation between periodontal diseases and erectile dysfunction: this is because, experts say, the bacteria in the oral cavity can easily reach the blood vessels that supply the penis. As proof of this statistics show that the probability of having an oral infection is seven times higher among men who also complain of problems with erectile dysfunction.

At the end a serious pastille is necessary: ??up to 10 years ago no one spoke extensively about sexual dysfunction erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Then the campaigns of “sensitization” of producers, aimed at selling drugs and equipment, have “sensitized” the public, so much to create problems for the healthy, and today sexologists record an increasing number of consultations for supposed “problems” that in 99 % of cases are only of anxious origin.