Does Wearing Male Chastity Devices Make You A More Passionate Lover?

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The inventiveness of the Sextoy manufacturer knows no bounds. For every preference and for every taste, there are now toys of all kinds. One guy wrote on Metro his experience with wearing a male chastity belt. Also, the penis cage is a rapid spread, because the charm of fitting the husband with a chastity cage, not only comes over the woman. It also pleases the man when he apparently surrenders to the commands and the goodwill of the woman. But what is chastity and piercing actually? What’s so special about wearing a cage for the penis? Find the answers below.

What is a chastity cage?

The penis cage is a chastity belt for men. This term best suits the purpose, although a cage for the penis is by no means a belt. Rather, this chastity cage consists of a ring, a cage and a lock. Depending on the design, additional accessories are added like silver-piercing, more we will discuss later. With the steel penis cage, the man’s member can be locked up so that it can only come to see if the owner of the key wants it. For many people, the attraction here is the forced abstinence and the play with roles mistress and slave. If you want to buy one of these, you can go to Lock the Cock for the best cock cages.

What material is a chastity cage made of?

The penis cage is made of metal and plastic, or silicone. Depending on which material you prefer, you opt for the cool and hard surface of the cage made of stainless steel, or for the rather warmer silicone cage. If you have ever looked around an appropriate store, you will already know that there are many models with different functions and especially wearing properties. There are types suited for long-term wearing like wearing cages all summer or for longer duration. The selection of different items is often very large. So you do not know which penis cage you should buy? Then just keep reading and we’ll show you the best models.

How do you put on a cock cage? Help for beginners

The chastity belt for men can be created with just a few simple steps. Even if the items you find on shopping websites, for example, differ from each other, the handling is almost identical for each model. Just follow this guide and you will soon be able to enjoy this extraordinary game. Hell, you can even wear it during your vacation trips too!

Equip the cock cage – so you include your limb safely

First, you should take a shower and wash yourself thoroughly. Then you can start applying the cage for the penis.

Take the cage and put it over your penis. With a metal cage, this should work without problems. With a silicone cage, it can happen that you can only push it over your limb with a little lubrication gel. If all fits well, you can go on with the second step.

Now you take the ring that comes with your chastity belt for men and open it. He is attached to the penis shaft, so that he is behind the testicles, directly on the body. Then you close the ring so that penis and testicles are in it. Close him so far that he is not too loose, but not too tight. You should feel comfortable, but not simply be able to free your penis from the cage. Your “Mistress” will certainly help you.

After placing the ring, you have to connect the cage with it. Simply slide the cage onto the guide rail located at the top of the ring. With the spacers, you can determine whether your member has enough space inside. Adjust the distance so that the cage sits exactly over your penis.

Next, the “Cage” is secured with a lock before you can just take it off. From now on, your lady will determine when you have sex and when not. This form of bondage can be a great stimulus. Just try it.

In recent years, some models have come out, which even have more gadgets. With the electric penis cage, for example, you can be stimulated even further. For this purpose, an electric diode is simply integrated into the chastity belt for men. Through a control, your mistress can deliver small surges to your penis during bondage. Hence, perfect penis cage used during sex.

Which male chastity cage is the best?

The Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 is a very high quality device that has all the benefits one would expect from a belt of chastity. Order the device made of plastic directly on Amazon. It can be used both in the BDSM area and simply by friends of Estim (electrical stimulation). Customers have been praising Amazon for the quality, fit and versatility of the Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 since 2015. If you are looking for a real adventure for your best piece, you can order it directly in the shop. The shipping is done as usual discretely and very fast. In 2016, this item is among the most popular male chastity belts. The feedback from the customers and the high quality made the penis cage a real bestseller.

If you are only looking for a penis cage that works without any electrodes, you should take a look at the CB 3000 and the CB 6000. Both versions of the bestseller ensure a firm grip, a very good wearing comfort and a secure closure of your best piece. The two cages can be very easy to create depending on the size of the penis and above all adapt. With some help you will soon be at the mercy of your mistress, because only she has the key. Incidentally, an erection is possible with the CB 3000, the CB 6000 and also with the Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2. However, a stimulation of the glans does not take place, so that an orgasm by external influence is almost impossible.

It’s more fun with the dilator!

If the charm of the penis cage is not enough for you, you can deepen your sexual pleasure with a penis plug, the so-called dilator. Available in different versions, the penis can be fixed in some cages with a dilator. For others, this little “extra” with the stretching features makes for a kick.

What is a dilator?

A dilator is a medical instrument. It is used to stretch the urethra if there is a medical reason for this. For many people, however, this is more of a sexual stimulation. A dilator can be made of different materials. So there are articles of surgical steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic or silicone. Depending on what feels better for you, you can choose the dilator accordingly and give directly to your penis cage in the shipping. By the way, you do not need to be afraid that a neighbor will notice something of your preference. The data protection is capitalized also with the dispatch.