6 Different Ways To Use Anal Beads for Stronger Orgasms

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Best anal beads: What is it? The anal balls consist of a strip of several spheres joined by a rope or by a rigid or semi-rigid support; they usually go from the smallest to the largest, although there are also those that maintain a uniform size.

Is there an ideal material?

Although the most common is that they are PVC or phthalate, it is recommended that they be 100% silicone with surgical quality, although also stainless steel, wood or glass could work equally well, according to your tastes and needs. has an article telling you how material affects your experience in using anal beads.

Do they all have the same function?

Those that come from the smallest ball to the largest are ideal to help you to dilate the anal sphincter little by little, to where you are feeling comfortable.

What are they for?

You can also use them as an anal plug or dildo; also during the game prior to anal penetration with a penis or with a larger toy- and they serve to stimulate the anal area and to be able to gradually expand the sphincter, in addition to using them, thanks to its configuration, the experience is quite pleasant and the space between the ball and the ball makes the stimulation feel intermittent and very intense. Intensify your options for the best anal beads now. There are also other anal toys for sex games, so choose carefully.

How are they used?

The first step is to feel comfortable with exploring and / or letting them explore your anal area. Before starting, clean the whole area well, this step makes most people feel comfortable, to be ready for the experience. Keep your hand lubricant since the anus does not have natural lubrication. You can try it alone or ask your partner. Give yourself permission to observe you, if at any time you feel discomfort and / or pain, for. Relax the pace, go more slowly, use more lubricant and if the discomfort continues, stop and try again maybe it was enough for the moment. The idea is that you enjoy it, not that you suffer it, so give yourself permission to go little by little

How long should the experience last?

The time that works for you as always, expert recommendation is to start little by little and go increasing the time and intensity -stick to what you need.

Frequency: There is no ideal in the frequency, the number of times that is good for you, that will be the correct frequency.

You need to know: The anus is full of nerve endings, which allows the sensations of excitement, both in the insertion and in the removal of the toy. One of the most common practices, although you can use it as best suits you, is to take them out during orgasm, as this is very intense for many people who like this practice.

Anal sexuality can provide wonderful and intense sensations because it is an area that has endless nerve endings waiting to be stimulated. It is very easy to start using sex toys to explore the ass, like the essential anal balls.

These spheres also known as Thai balls are attached to a kind of string to achieve a phallic shape that can be inserted into the rectum, so that the sphincter muscles contract and relax around each of the anal balls. Many people enjoy when they feel this pressure in the internal sphincter and even when they feel a sudden departure near the climax.

Why use anal beads?

Each ball or pearl of this toy becomes a real joy at the moment it is coming out of the ass because it produce a kind of erotic and intense massage in the sphincter muscles, especially if it coincides with the orgasm. The enjoyment does not happen so much during the insertion or during the permanence of the anal balls inside the body, it happens with a satisfactory and unrepeatable intensity when they move outwards

When it comes to starting, it is best to relax and go little by little. Follow these instructions if you want to embark on the journey to infinite pleasure.

  • Prepare: Make sure the area is completely clean and the moods are favourable.
  • Get in a good mood: Apply histrionic strategies or strictly sexual to be on.
  • Lubricate: Add a lot of special anal lubricant in each of the spheres, at the point of entry, and so on.
  • Start slowly: No racing, insert the balls one by one so you can avoid any glimpse of the pain.
  • Enjoy: Once the balls are inside come complementary actions such as intercourse or oral sex.
  • Remove: At the point of the climax you will be ready to remove the balls, remember to accelerate progressively.

You should not miss this enormous pleasure simply because of fear or lack of knowledge. Therefore, we have prepared this guide so you can know in detail the different variables around the use of anal beads. In this sense, we are convinced that the number one priority must be security.

In order to ensure that it is a safe practice, there must be sufficient confidence when expressing personal sexual concerns in a timely manner. Equally imperative is the abundant use of a thick and creamy artificial lubricant based on water, since this area of ??the body in question does not produce natural lubrication. With these two elements solved, the entertaining Thai balls should not hurt the least.

Thinking precisely about their safety and integrity, we present below some recommendations on what to do and what not to do during sex play.

Choose a sex toy that has at its base or end a mechanism to facilitate its grip, move slowly to be able to observe and study each reaction or movement in depth, stop the process if you get to experience some kind of pain, keep the anal balls away of the vaginal area in order to avoid an infection and of course clean the product as soon as the practice ends.

What should not be done?

Do not use any object to replace the Thai balls, which have been specially designed for this practice, because you would be at risk of playing with shapes or materials that contravene the natural conditions of the body, nor should this toy be chosen if it has been designed with a nylon rope, since this particularity complicates its cleaning.

Here are other safety tips you should keep in mind:

Always use lubricant: always use lubricant since the anus is an area that does not lubricate naturally in large quantities. This is one of the important tips in using anal toys.

Control the intensity: we should not start the penetration at maximum speed, we should go smoothly and increase the intensity with moderation.

Use a condom: if you are going to share your toy with someone else, it is best to put a condom on, since many sexually transmitted diseases can be infected with the exchange of sex toys. Expert also recommends it as a basic hygiene measure; if you put a condom on it then it will be much easier to clean.

 Eye with the thickness: in no way should we cross the line of 4 centimetres in diameter if we are beginners, since this is the limit of the natural opening of the anus, exceed this limit would deform it if we have no previous experience. Then with practice you will see that the limit is much higher. You can Visit loveplugs for more information.