What Makes Japanese Girls So Special

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It’s no secret that the Far East is one of the most interesting parts of the globe. Western fascination with Japan, China, and Korea is well-known nowadays, but we’re not here to talk about the Silk Road and weird anime stuff. The goal of our article is to bring you closer to the beautiful women of Japan. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of dating them, as well as some dating tips that will hopefully help you score.

Japanese Girls Are Fun

Besides blowing you away with beautiful nature, architecture, and culture, Japan is going to come off as somewhat reserved at first. It takes a bit for Japanese girls to start openly talking about casual stuff. However, once the masks go down, they’re more than interesting, to say the least. We’d even go so far and say that they’re some of the most fun girls to be around in the world.


It’s easy to have a great time when you’re in their company. They get into all kinds of niche hobbies and subcultures, which translates into awesome, kinky stuff when you’re dating. For Japanese girls, it doesn’t matter if they look like fashion models or average girls. They’ll act goofy and make cute faces all the time. Also, there’s no such thing as taboo when you get to know them better.

They Are Super Cute

Most people have this weird, manga-inspired image of Japan. And what makes manga interesting for Westerners is how cute the girls look in their comics. After all, this representation of women spawned all sorts of borderline weird and perverse genres, but that’s not the point here. The thing is, Japanese women are cute in real life too.


They might not have big eyes and don’t blush as they do in anime, but they’re simply so cuddly and precious that you’ll melt momentarily. But at the same time, they’re also very attractive. They do a fine job of combining naive looks with sex. Still, that shouldn’t fool you. Japanese girls know how they come off and use it to its fullest extent to reach their goals and needs.


You could argue they’re manipulative, but that would be a strong word. They just use what they have in their arsenal and use it well. In this case, their pockets are full of cuteness and sexy looks, and if that helps them secure something they want, they won’t mind. But that’s A-Okay if you ask us.

They Are Very Caring

It’s not uncommon to be amazed by how caring Japanese women are. The thing is, this kind of behavior is out of style in Western cultures, and it might come as a shock for foreigners. They enjoy cooking, cleaning, and washing your clothes, choosing traditional conservative roles. They also know how to give a great back rub or massage if you ever need one.

However, there’s a red flag to this. Enjoying their attention can easily put you to sleep, eventually waking up some time later and realizing that you’re married and have kids. All those moments of care are no longer there for you but your offspring. You’re just a guy who has a wallet for exploitation. And the worst part, sex is no longer something that interests them like before.


Of course, some people are looking for that. Foreigners come to Japan to find love and get married. If that’s your goal, we’d say go for it. There’s nothing wrong with living an old-style family life if you ask us. If you’re bored with the lack of traditional roles and values back home, Japan can make up for it with its women and their caring traits.

They Know How to Dress Properly

Like we’ve said, Japan is famous for exporting anime to the rest of the world with great success. But what makes their biggest export so interesting is the fashion that it promotes. You know, girls in school uniforms, colorful hair, and nails, etc. If you’re genuinely interested in that, then we’ve got great news. Japanese girls do dress up like that and take care of their looks, unlike some other women around the world.


There’s a big emphasis on fashion and trends. They can easily apply the cute-girl-take-me-home look or go full-on fashion model. Also, the fact that they naturally have dark hair doesn’t mean they don’t dye it blonde, red, or pink. For a conservative country on the first glans, Japan is way more open to modern trends than one would believe.


It’s not uncommon to see girls looking like some steampunk characters, walking around the city streets of Tokyo with all the neon shining down on them. But Japanese women don’t pay attention to their looks only when they’re going out. They’ll dress up perfectly every day for every occasion. From doing chores around the house to going to the club on a Friday night, they’ll look like a fashion model or a manga character.

The Sex Is Awesome!

All the things we’ve mentioned so far lead to one thing, and one thing only — sex. Japanese girls are open to all sorts of kinky stuff that you can imagine. From BDSM to quirky role-playing, you can enjoy some of the best sex ever in Japan. And the best part is that hooking up in Tokyo or other big cities is as common as sushi.

They might not act like Western porn stars, but they have their unique spin on sex that’s more than gratifying on its own. Still, they’re eager to experiment with concepts we know and cherish back home. Japanese women feel comfortable about their sexuality, so there’s no need to hold anything back. If you treat them with respect, they’ll treat you back with twice the emotion.


Even if we have this vision of Japan being sexless, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely true. Sure, some of them don’t show interest in sex, but that’s due to other factors that don’t have anything to do with foreigners. The dating scene for people from the West is wide open, and you’ll easily hook up and have sex over there. Once you propose something weird and kinky to them, they’ll respond with “ganbaru,” meaning “I’ll try my best.”