Kegel Balls Maintenance Tips

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Healthy geisha balls and vaginal cones are “first-line” perinea reeducation accessories.Women often go for this type of product when they become aware of the importance of maintaining the muscles of their perineum or when they begin to feel mild disorders such as small urinary leakage, a lack of sensations during intercourse, vaginal gases, pelvic heaviness etc.

However, it is not always easy to know what type of perinea rehabilitation accessories to choose and what use to make. Want to know what are the vaginal weights; here you will get an clear idea.

The story of geisha balls and vaginal cones

Originally, there were only balls geisha with fixed vaginal weights.They were considered as objects of pleasure until the professionals of the perineal reeducation are interested and discover that their use could really improve the tone of the perineum. However, the weight of about 80g required having a pelvic floor already a little re-educated to retain the balls.

This is how the vaginal cones arrived on the market, offering different weights for a progressive and smooth work of the perineum.To stay in the idea of ??gentle progression, geisha balls are made with variable weights from 28 to 100g. In general, these are often a little heavier than the vaginal cones.

What is a geisha ball?

The vaginal balls are perineal accessories consist of one or two balls interconnected, round or slightly oval, depending on the model. Inside each ball is a small metal ball. At each movement of the body, the ball taps against the walls of the geisha ball, causing a vibration. These vibrations are very slight, sometimes they are not felt.

To know: the balls of geisha with two balls solicit more the deep and superficial muscles of the perineum. You can read this article from to know more about how to use ben-wa-balls.

The ball inside a Geisha ball

There are two types of geisha balls: fixed or variable weight

Fixed weight geisha balls

Fixed-weight geisha balls only offer, as their name indicates, only one working weight. They usually weigh more than 80 grams and to retain them, do not have a perineum too weakened.These geisha balls are therefore more designed for women who have no particular concern but wish to maintain their perineal already tonic prevention or to improve sensations during sex.

Geisha balls with variable weight:

The variable weight geisha balls were created to allow a much more evolutionary perineal work. These balls work on the same principle as those with fixed weights. The difference, as you may have guessed, is that many weights are offered.The idea is to start with the lightest weight and, as the days and weeks go by, to move to more and more weight. The work is more complete and efficient than when using fixed weight balls.

Many women decide to opt for this solutionas soon as they begin to have very slight urinary leakage because their perineum is under pressure, following an effort such as laughter, sneezing, sports, etc. Primarily they cannot hold balls with fixed weights, too heavy for their perineum.Indeed, the lightest geisha balls can start with much lower weight and finish with weights almost equivalent to geisha balls fixed weights. Feeling excited already? You can purchase these amazing balls at

What is a vaginal cone?

Vaginal cones, also called vaginal weights, come in many forms, either several small cones of different weights, or a cone with weights to slide inside.

They thus allow a more progressive perineal reeducation, a little like geisha balls with variable weight.There is little difference between vaginal weight geisha balls and vaginal cones. Nevertheless, the cones are often much smaller and lighter.

For example, the first weight of the Aquaflex cabinet weighs only 2 grams! This makes it possible to start reeducation very gently.

To know also, the cone is positioned a little lower than the balls of geisha and thus solicits more the superficial plan of the perineum.

The vaginal cone is the ideal accessory to strengthen a more relaxed pelvic floor.

Experts will advise you to prefer this solution if you suffer, from time to time, small urinary leakage with the effort, urgency, even both at the same time, and of pelvic gravity at the end of the day.

You can also use them for your postpartum rehabilitation, in addition to your pelvic floor rehabilitation for example. During pregnancy and childbirth, the perineum suffers a lot and after all these tests, the pelvic muscles are often very loose. The vaginal cones can be very useful.

In any case, do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist or midwife, especially if you cannot remember the vaginal cones. It will then proceed to a report and will redirect you, if necessary, to a midwife or a physiotherapist specialized to carry out perineal reeducation sessions in a practice or will propose the use at home, of a perineal electro-stimulator in auto- treatment.

Which perineal rehabilitation device to choose?

Although there is less and less difference between the variable weight geisha balls and the vaginal cones, their use is not quite the same.The choice of your perineal rehabilitation accessory will depend on your need.The fixed weights geisha balls to maintain the perineum:

  • You do not have any particular concerns with your perineum, but you just want to maintain it regularly to avoid the occurrence of inconveniences later.
  • You feel that you have less sensations during sex.
  • You have done your perineal rehabilitation and want to keep your profits.
  • The variable weight geisha balls to tone her perineum :
  • The first small intimate inconveniences appeared vaginal gases, more sensations during sexual intercourse, rare urinary leakage with the effort).
  • You had pregnancies a long time ago or enter menopause.
  • Your perineum is not fully relaxed, but you feel it needs toning again.

The vaginal cones to strengthen a weakened pelvic floor :

  • You feel that the muscles of your perineum are relaxed because certain disorders are installed (urinary leakage with the effort, pelvic gravity at the end of the day).
  • You have had pregnancies in the past, you reach menopause and you have to strengthen the muscles of your perineum, but gently.

To know: It is more reasonable to choose accessories allowing a progressive evolution rather than starting on too heavy weights from the beginning. The muscles of the perineum are fragile, and to strengthen them but it is always better to do it smoothly.

Vaginal cones and geisha balls, 2 ways to use them:


You can insert them and go about your business, while standing. The muscles of the perineum will thus work alone: ??thanks to a reflex phenomenon, they contract naturally to retain the cone or the ball of geisha.You can wear them daily or every other day, between 20 minutes and 2 hours per day max.

In an active way:

It is possible to wear them by performing small exercises of contraction of the perineum, called Kegel exercises.When doing exercises, a few minutes a day are enough.

For an optimal result, whatever the chosen use, it is advisable to use these accessories daily or every other day. Do not spend hours there! The idea is not to exhaust your muscles but simply to train them a little, regularly.

The use of a lubricant for ease of use

To facilitate the insertion of the accessory, it is possible to use an intimate lubricant. Know that only a few drops are enough: if you put too much, your vaginal cone or your ball of geisha may slip, it would be impossible to hold it in place in the vagina.

Be careful to choose your lubricant.

If your rehabilitation accessory is made of silicone like most geisha balls, professionals advise you to use water-based gels. If your perineal rehabilitation accessory is made of medical grade polymer or plastic, it is possible to use a silicone based gel that allows for more lasting lubrication.

Clean your perineal reeducation accessory:

It is essential to thoroughly clean your intimate accessories before and after each use to avoid infections. For this you use a suitable antibacterial cleaner. The cleaner intimate accessories is ideal: without alcohol and with a neutral pH, it will ensure perfect hygiene.